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gets real

After the release of  "Landfall" Force Field announced their upcoming Gear VR title ‘TERM1NAL’ At GDC 2017 the press was able to play a public demo of the game. You play Flynn Lightman, a highly skilled Avatar Pilot who can control androids from the safety of his apartment using advanced VR hardware…

You are contracted by a mysterious woman to infiltrate the offices of STRIDE Industries — the world’s most successful (and well guarded) data security and robotics firm on the planet. Getting the information you need from STRIDE can only be done by taking over the controls of a temperamentally experimental new robot model. Operating her remotely, you’re able to use this robot to sneak past STRIDE security, hack terminals, unlock doors and maybe even unlock something even more important: the truth.


TERM1NAL is currently scheduled for release sometime in Q2 of this year.