VR just got real

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Lapp gets real

As one of world’s leading suppliers of cables and wire systems, Lapp was looking for a unique way to demonstrate its more complex solutions at an international exhibition. And at the same time show how new Augmented Reality technology can help in providing remote services... This is where Force Field came in.

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After the release of "Landfall" Force Field announced their upcoming Gear VR title ‘TERM1NAL’ At GDC 2017 the press was able to play a public demo of the game. You play Flynn Lightman, a highly skilled Avatar Pilot who can control androids from the safety of his apartment using advanced VR hardware…

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Landfall just got real

Oculus & Force Field have launched Rift exclusive tactical action game Landfall, the first of a number of titles Force Field is developing for Oculus Studios. The game is a tactical action shooter game that gives players both a panoramic 3rd person and immersive 1st person view of a futuristic battlefield, as they take on the role of a commander leading a group of soldiers into battle. Players use their weapons and abilities to push back the enemy and pilot huge bipedal war machines to help tip the balance in their favor in this incredible VR warfare game.

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Audi gets real

With “#untaggable” as a central campaign theme, Audi introduces the new Q2 model to the general public in a popup store in the city center. To complete the instore experience, it’s vital that the possibilities of the car are explained in an equally innovative way, highlighting the Quattro system with a typical Force Field twist in it…

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XCOR gets real

Xcor is one of the first companies in the world to offer flights into space, providing people with the opportunity to experience a life changing event. To give potential astronauts a glimpse of what they can expect, Force Field has created a virtual reality experience as close as possible to the real thing…

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VR arcade gets real

With over 2 years of high-end VR development under its belt, Force Field has now begun applying that expertise to develop a wide range of licensed and original VR experiences. These are specifically created for use in location based VR entertainment centers, combining high quality games and experiences with a number of leading AAA licensed internet providers. Force Field is building an extensive portfolio of content that can be licensed by theme parks, family entertainment centers, in-store experiences and entertainment areas in shopping malls.

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