oc4 kicks off with new force field games

At this week’s Oculus Connect 4, Force Field will be revealing two new VR experiences: one behind closed doors (more on that soon!) and one on the show floor, in playable demo form, for all conference attendees to play. Follow us to stay up to date on these new exciting projects! Force Field is proud to announce that this week will see the reveal of no fewer than 2 new VR game experiences for a number of different Oculus devices.

As always, a range of exciting new games is being revealed at the show and we’ve been hard at work on 2 titles that will feature as part of that OC4 line-up.

The first title is Coaster Combat, a new take on rollercoasters in VR, fused with action gaming elements, while the second experience is a bit more hush-hush and behind closed doors – but more on that soon

If you’re interested in OC4 in general, check out the schedule of talks here and be sure to check out the live stream of the keynote speech here.