investment for growth in aaa location based vr

We are happy to announce that we raised 1 million euros in additional funds to accelerate growth in AAA location-based VR.

Co-founder and CEO Arthur Houtman says, “Over the past year, Force Field managed to acquire a leading position in the rapidly growing VR and AR industry, delivering a number of ‘best in class’ games and entertainment experiences.

“Our aim for the next few years is to further extend our lead in two strategic directions: the development of high-end location-based VR and the creation of a series of unique new IPs for the home VR market."

In 2017 we already released two big VR projects: TERM1NAL for Samsung’s Gear VR and Landfall for Oculus Rift. 6 more titles are currently in the final stages of the development funnel. Follow us on social media to keep track of our new releases!