Anne Frank House VR available now on Oculus Quest

Following the success of the award-winning Anne Frank House VR experience on Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Go, Force Field Entertainment today released a new version that takes full advantage of the unique room scale functionality of Oculus Quest.

“The ability to truly walk freely around the world-famous secret Annex was something that we’ve always wanted to explore. Oculus Quest provided us with this opportunity, so we set about creating a completely redesigned version of the original experience that takes full advantage of the extra dimension Oculus Quest can provide to VR experiences.” said Force Field’s Project Director Martin de Ronde".

The new version of the VR tour offers a most advanced and immersive experience. People all around the world can explore Anne Frank’s hiding place as it was in July 1942 to August 1944, the period when Anne Frank was forced into hiding and wrote her diary.” Ronald Leopold, executive director Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House VR for Oculus Quest is now available to download for free in the Oculus Store.