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Would you like to work for one of the leading VR + AR


development studios?


Force Field is continuously looking for talented creatives who want to join us in creating the best VR games possible. Over 70  people from 10 different nationalities are already working in our Amsterdam studio, are you the next one to join?


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Force Field prides itself in having a healthy and inspiring workplace. We like structure, processes and clear communication (to avoid crunch time), but we don't want to be the corporate entity that limits your potential. So expect the right amount of freedom to evolve your skills and develop yourself.


We have founders and directors painting the bigger picture, combined with a flat organization of ownership and responsibility, to ensure anyone at any level can add value to a project. We are very passionate about what we do and we strive for delivering world class quality, but we know you can only do so with a healthy work / life balance. 


To achieve this, we avoid crunch time at all costs. And we like to take creative breaks once in a while. We have a hugely popular yearly game jam during which many small teams are allowed to work on small game prototypes of their choice, which has yielded at least 1 commercial project every year so far.


Overall, Force Field is all about the right mix between hard work, fun, passion and ambition and ensuring there is a perfect balance between life and work to ensure both benefit from each other.



Enter one of the world’s most popular cities in the world, which, with its canals, bars, clubs, green parks international restaurants and museums has something for everyone. A cultural melting pot for people from all over the world, Amsterdam is a city renowned for diversity and tolerance and has a reputation for being a great place to live. It has all the advantages of a big city, but it is small and quiet enough for everyone to feel right at home.








living in the city


Force Field is located in the heart of the city centre, 5 mins from Central Station and overlooking the waterfront, one of the most popular hotspots of the city. You can ride your bike to the studio and have Amsterdam's buzzing areas like the 'Jordaan' and 'De Pijp' nearby to enjoy your after work drinks and parties.

And if you don’t want to cycle or decide to live outside Amsterdam: the public transport system is one of the best in the world and allows for an easy commute every day!

The Netherlands is ranked as the 6th most happiest country in the 2017 'World happiness report' and has the happiest kids on the planet! We score high on income, healthy life expectancy, freedom and trust.

extra Benefits


Next to having a fun, open, healthy and creative work place with a very nice group of people, we also have plenty of additional benefits that are not reflected by a salary alone. We offer:


-         A commuting allowance to cover your travel costs

-         Pension scheme contributions at preferred rates

-         The opportunity to buy your own personal bike via a tax benefit plan

-         Personal training and development opportunities 

-         The opportunity to attend industry events and meet-ups

-         26 days of holiday allowance (partially transferrable to the next year)

-         An additional number of 5 public holidays per year on average

-         An on-site cafeteria that offers a wide variety of themed lunches.

-         Plus we stock the fridges with your favorite drinks…

          …fill the fruit bowls with fresh vitamins every day…

          … allow you to indulge in ping pong and pool…

         … and we make sure caffeine is available at all times. 


Next to the above, the Dutch tax system offers potential tax benefits to people coming in from abroad, but we’ll be sure to talk you through the details if you get invited for an interview!


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